6. How many hours to reach each level? (for students)

The information shown below was taken from a Cambridge ESOL site in 2012.

This information is no longer available on the site in the format

shown below, but as I believe the grid showing the number of hours

required to reach each level constitutes useful information for students,

I have kept it here:

How many hours of study to reach each level?

Cambridge ESOL is often asked about the number of study hours (or guided learning hours) required to reach a certain examination level. It is not possible to give a categorical answer to this, as hours of study required will vary depending upon several factors, such as the candidate’s language learning background, the intensity of the study, the inclinations and age of the individual, as well as the amount of study/exposure outside of lesson times. The following figures are, however, sometimes quoted as an approximate guideline:

What is the CEFR?


CEFR Level Guided Learning Hours
C1 approximately 700–800
B2 approximately 500–600
B1 approximately 350–400
A2 approximately 180–200

Source: http://www.cambridgeesol.org/about/standards/can-do.htm

Please also have a look at http://englishlessonsonline.org/index.php/9-cambridge-english-scale/